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  • Graceland – “H-A-Double-P-Y” Recap

    Mike’s plans are upended when Jessica arrives at Graceland unannounced to drop a bomb – the case is being shut down at the end of the week. The next Solano bus to come in will effectively be their last, which means that all resources, even those from Paige’s sex trafficking operation, will be diverted towards making a bust. With only two days until the next bus arrives, Mike must scramble to prep for the takedown, while also dealing with the tangled romantic web he’s woven for himself.

    Mike isn’t the only one dealing with an awkward situation. Johnny worries he’s blown his cover when he steps between the young Solanos during a family spat – until it becomes clear that the closeted Carlito has feelings for the undercover agent. The question is, how far outside his comfort zone is Johnny willing to go in order to connect Carlito to the buses?

    Elsewhere, Jakes makes a connection with a kindred spirit, and gets a big surprise when his son, Daniel, shows up at his door. Meanwhile, Paige is doubly stung when she learns that not only is there another woman in Mike’s life, she’s also the one who just put the “Tinkerbell” case on ice. But Paige is too invested to back off now, and she’s willing to sacrifice anything to make her case – even her relationship with Mike.

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    Graceland Episode 2.06 Still Added

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    Serinda Swan gives us a sneak peek of what’s in store this season on ‘Graceland’ - With Paige and Mike’s new romance blooming and Paige’s determination to find out what is happening to those “tinker bells,” we’re seeing a lot more of Paige Arkin in season 2 of Graceland. Serinda Swan gave us the inside scoop on season 2, and talked about her charity work to combat human trafficking in Cambodia.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COMMUNITY: First things first: Paige and Mike. They’re definitely together this season, but it’s still very new. Is it a fling? Something more?
    SERINDA SWAN: We’re figuring that out as we go. Definitely the sparks were there in the first season, but in episode 2 of the second season, Paige is like “Shabam! Let’s do this.” I remember reading the script going, Oh, she walks by in a towel—a little suspect. She walks into her room and doesn’t close the door, a little more suspect … and the towel is on the floor.

    I read it and was excited for Paige, but then I was like, Wait that’s me. I have to do that. And then my hands went all sweaty. When I had to do the first kissing scene with Aaron, I was super-nervous. I haven’t had to do that many kissing scenes. It’s different when I’m in power as me—I’m like, “This is the moment, I want to kiss you.” But when it’s on camera, it’s an action. You have to kiss him now and at this angle because the lighting is coming from there and there are 45 other people in the room. It’s the weirdest thing ever.

    Aaron said he wasn’t nervous. He just seemed like a pro. There’s a certain safety aspect with our job when everyone is being very professional. It’s something that is very specific to our job and awkward and bizarre.

    We keep joking that [the towel dropping] was my sweaty hand moment, and there are many more sweaty hand moments to come in season 2. It wouldn’t be Graceland and it wouldn’t be Jeff Eastin without a little conflict and some twists and turns. There’s definitely a road ahead for Paige and Mike, and it could be smooth sailing or it could be the bumpiest road ever.

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    Graceland – “Magic Numbers” Recap

    Hoping to bolster his bus case with hard evidence, Mike tasks Jakes with taking a job as a depot mechanic. The self-destructive agent’s drinking nearly scotches the plan, but when the depot manager shows himself to be a sympathetic spirit, Jakes finds a way to use the wreckage of his life to their advantage.

    Back in DC, Jessica sticks her neck out to save Mike’s op. At the same time, a bust at a brothel convinces Paige that the “Tinkerbells” are being used as more than drug mules, while Johnny dodges danger during a drug-fueled night of clubbing with Carlos Solano Jr.’s inner circle.

    Meanwhile, the revelation that the FBI won’t release death benefits to Kelly Badillo leaves Briggs and Charlie racked with even more guilt. But while Briggs is resigned to the situation, Charlie is dead set on fixing it. And when she comes across a small time criminal with a big time amount of heroin to move, she sees the answer to their problem…one that could wind up putting their own heads on the chopping block.

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    Exclusive Graceland Sneak Peek: Paige Makes a Dangerous Deal with Mike to Find Lina – Is Paige (Serinda Swan) getting herself in over her head? It sure looks like it.

    After finding the Tinker Bell backpack belonging to Lina, one of the mules hired to bring drugs across the border, on the most recent episode of Graceland, it doesn’t take long for Paige to figure out that Lina is being used for much more than just drug trafficking.

    In this exclusive sneak peek from Wednesday’s episode (10/9c, USA), Paige tells Mike she suspects that Lina and the others like her are actually being used for something far worse: sex trafficking. “I don’t think Lina was just a mule,” she says in the video below. “The guys that recruited her were looking for models and dancers. Pretty is not a prerequisite for muling.”

    However, in order to track down Lina, Paige is forced to make a potentially dangerous deal with Mike (Aaron Tveit). Sleeping with the boss sure has its advantages!

    Should America Adopt Canada’s Drug Policy? – Serinda Swan plays a DEA agent on USA Network’s ‘Graceland,’ but she has her own opinions about America’s war on drugs.

    Canadian actor Serinda Swan discusses her role as an undercover agent on Graceland and whether or not the U.S. should take a cue from Canada and legalize marijuana.

    Cliche Magazine Scans & Photoshoot

    I have added new scans of Serinda to the gallery from the newest issue of Cliche magazine. She looks absolutely amazing in these shots along with a great interview. So check them out. I also added the amazing photoshoot as well.

    Worlds Collide for Graceland’s Serinda Swan in More Ways Than One – Welcome home, Mike!

    One week after returning to the house on Graceland (Wednesdays, 10/9c, USA), the FBI agent received one heck of a welcome wagon from housemate Paige when she caught him peeking into her bedroom and dropped her towel.

    “[That's] one of the most interesting invitations I’ve ever seen. And he took it!” Serinda Swan tells with a laugh. “She just kind of put him on the spot: ‘You’re going to flirt with me? You’re going to be like this? Come and get it,’ so to speak. I’m putting it all out on the line, or on the floor.”

    The bold move comes several months after the duo first shared a kiss late last season. However, things never progressed further because Mike (Aaron Tveit) soon got a promotion and returned to Washington, D.C. “In the second season, I think she’s just kind of like, ‘All right, let’s see what happens. Let’s have some fun,’” she says. “It wasn’t the tenderness that there was last year, and Paige is strong and she’s independent. She’s not pining for him, but she really likes him.”

    While Paige has been straightforward with Mike, he has been less so, particularly since he has thus far failed to mention that he has a woman waiting for him back in D.C.: Jessica (Emily Rose). “I get a little protective of Paige sometimes and I was like, ‘Nuh-uh, excuse me, who is this lady?’” Swan says.

    But Mike won’t be able to juggle both ladies forever, especially when they come face-to-face later this season. “You can only imagine when two girls sharing the same guy happen to be in the same house. There’s two ways that it can go, and the beautiful thing is that we have such amazing writers that it walks a very fine line between them both. They’re two very powerful women,” she says. “It will be interesting to see where his feelings lie and which side he falls on.”

    Thankfully, Paige will have much bigger problems to worry about than just whether Mike is #TeamPaige or #TeamJessica. “Paige’s story really ramps up. Last year, she came into the show slightly later and we hadn’t given her as much and this year, we really embraced her,” creator and executive producer Jeff Eastin says. “Her character really does embrace that [question of] how far will you go? She goes into a much deeper, darker place than we’ve ever taken anyone before.”

    It’s in large part because of Swan that her on-screen alter-ego will have such a rough go of it this season. When Eastin and the writers called her up at the end of last season to talk about Paige’s direction in Season 2, she knew immediately what she wanted to explore. “[They said,] ‘One of our top priorities is figuring out how to dive into Paige more next season and really reveal her skill set and learn a bit more about her,” she says. “I thought that would be a really interesting plotline for this season for Paige to show her heart, to show her skill, and to put her in a situation where both really come into compromising situations so I pitched the idea of Paige coming into a contact with a human-trafficking ring.”

    Particularly, Paige will meet one victim whom she vows to help no matter what the cost. “That promise is something that, because of Paige’s Achilles Heel, which is her heart, in doing so, she’s basically tied herself to this issue and this cause, and you can only imagine what happens to these women,” Swan says. “By tying herself [to this], she actually ends up going through emotionally and physically what happens.”

    It’s in this way that art imitates life for Swan, who is involved with several organizations that fight human trafficking and sex trafficking, including the Somaly Mam Foundation and Friends to Mankind. “One of the things that is very parallel between my life and Paige’s is there was a promise I made to a girl in Cambodia that my voice would now be her voice for the rest of my life until she was able to say whatever she wanted,” she says. “[Jeff is] allowing my promise to come to fruition because he’s giving me a platform in which to tell our fans and then some about this issue and be a voice for her.”

    In addition to her close personal ties, the story line also made sense for Paige because human trafficking is the second-largest criminal enterprise worldwide and an area other DEA agents like Paige encounter frequently. “I prepared myself for maybe one episode, if not zero episodes or maybe a promise of doing it in the next season. So when I heard that it was going to be on the show and to what capacity it was going to be on the show, I full-blown cried,” she says of her pitch, which has led to a seven-episode arc. “It’s something that I’m so passionate about, and it takes up so much of my time, so for my two worlds to collide it’s just an amazing osmosis.”

    After the story line got the go-ahead from Eastin and USA, Swan put the writers in contact with her resources at the United Nations and several other organizations. The actress herself also went to great lengths to accurately portray the damage suffered at the hands of human trafficking, which coincided with her other major Season 2 request: more stunts. “They’re selling meat and so you’re treated like meat,” she says of her numerous fake black eyes and the very real injuries she endured over the course of the season. “I had grab marks and bruises on my arms and I kept getting sympathetic looks from people at the supermarket, like, ‘Leave him, sweetie. It’s not worth it.’”
    Because of Swan’s past interactions with victims in countries like Cambodia and Malaysia, the emotional toll these crimes take was easier for her to portray. “I’ve seen faces to this issue,” she says. “It’s not about building a story or making sure that I’m emotionally prepared. All I do is I tap into the girls I’ve met and it’s done.”

    And just like in her own life, Swan says her Graceland character will be deeply affected by the encounter. “This is something that will change Paige for the rest of her life, so it will be really interesting to see how they write that all in for following seasons,” she says.

    Graceland airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA.

    Graceland – “Tinker Bell” Recap

    As pressure from the higher-ups mounts, Mike starts to find that the perks of commanding his own team are not all they’re cracked up to be. Take Jakes, whose drinking has begun to make him a liability. With the shame-spiraling customs agent hoping to return to the house, Mike must decide whether to let him back in or keep Zelanski around.

    Elsewhere, Mike pushes his housemates hard to find the Solano bus line. But undercover operations and deadlines don’t mix well, and Mike’s impatience may put Paige in danger.

    Meanwhile, Johnny concocts a plan that could get him close to Carlos Solano, Jr…or get him killed. Mike isn’t exactly confident in Johnny’s strategic thinking, but with little else to go on and time running out, he has no choice but to give Johnny the go-ahead. But while Johnny is finally be getting his chance to shine, he may soon find himself in over his head with the psychotic Solano…

    Graceland – “Connects” Recap

    With Mike in need of some answers, Briggs travels to Mexico for a meet with Caza, a fact that doesn’t sit too well with Charlie.

    At the same time, Jakes forges ahead with his plan to leave Graceland for a new life as a responsible father to his son, Daniel. Elsewhere, Paige is instructed to wrap up her ongoing investigation into a drug manufacturer in order to focus on Mike’s operation, further compounding her frustration at the way her former housemate has just barged back into her life.

    Meanwhile, Briggs returns from Mexico with a deal that will get Mike the information he needs, and hopefully move him a step closer to making up for all the pain he has caused. But when Charlie reveals she has been looking into Juan Badillo’s widow, Briggs realizes that the wounds from his past may not heal as quickly as he hoped…

    Graceland 2.03 Episode Still Added

    Graceland Actress Serinda Swan’s Move for a Perky Bikini Booty – If we were casting a badass DEA agent on a show shot on the beach (think bikinis, beautiful people frolicking on the beach), stunner Serinda Swan would fit the bill exactly. She’s strong, fit and completely gorgeous—need we say more?

    The actress, who stars on USA’s Graceland (season 2 premieres tonight!) trains with trainer Jason Walsh at Rise Nation, who keeps her “challenged, if not so tired that I can’t complain!” she says. “He’s an animal but I love him.”

    Swan is nuts for being outdoors, so for her the key to a balanced life is to combine fitness with being outside.

    “I love paddle-boarding, hiking or taking my amazing French bulldog, Buddha on adventures,” she says. But sometimes, you’re trapped on the road or in a hotel room, so banging out a workout outside isn’t always an options. That’s why she loves doing the Kick-Back move — it’s great for toning the glutes. Simply put, Swan says the move does “what every girl wants: it lifts and firms in a simple, easy way!” Dude, it’s bikini season and we’ve got skimpy bottoms to fit into. We’ll take all the firming moves we can get!

    THE MOVE: Kick-Backs
    Start on the floor on all fours. Raise one leg up, keeping your knee at 90 degrees so that your quad is parallel to the ground (as pictured), being sure to squeeze your glutes. Return your knee to the ground position. Repeat 30 times on the same leg, then do 20 pulses without lowering. Repeat on both sides 3 times.