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  • ‘Chicago Fire’ season 3 spoilers: Serinda Swan added to cast, new character stirs conflict to Severide-Lindsay romance – “Chicago Fire” season 3 will be adding in Serinda Swan of USA Network’s “Graceland” as a new cast member, reports have claimed. The actress will be portraying the role of Brittany Baker, who is expected to develop a love affair with Lt. Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney.

    Being a graphic designer and a potential romantic flame, Swan’s character is likely to interfere with the relationship between Severide and Detective Erin Lindsay, and will appear in four episodes for the third season, according to Moviepilot.

    Severide and Lindsay, played by Sophia Bush, have already been faced with a difficult love triangle with Detective Jay Halstead, portrayed by Jesse Sofer, acting more than a close working partner to Lindsay.

    Showrunner Matt Olmstead explained to TVLine as to what the audience can expect from the brash firefighter if he moves forward on his own, especially if he finds himself in conflict with his girlfriend.

    “As we’ve established on the show, he (Severide) is prone to going off on his own and having a few cocktails when things don’t go his way,” Olmstead stated. “It might cause a problem with him and Lindsay. The thing we like about him and Lindsay is they’re cut from the same cloth. They don’t judge each other. No one’s ragging on the other person for not being available. They’re really similar.”

    Aside from regularly starring on Jeff Eastin’s drama series “Graceland,” 30-year-old Swan has already appeared in A&E’s “Breakout Kings.” She was also featured in “Smallville” and “The Tomorrow People.”

    Although “Graceland” has not been slotted for a third season yet, the series recently concluded its season 2 last Sept. 10.

    “Chicago Fire” season 3 will have an official premiere date on Sept. 23, Tuesday, on NBC. The pilot episode has been highly anticipated as it is expected to reveal the surviving characters from last season’s fiery explosion.

    Graceland – “Faith 7″ Recap

    Fighting desperately to hold on to his happy ending with Lucia, Johnny must take his asset-turned-lover back to her family compound in order to return the briefcase before her father realizes it is missing. But Carlito has been watching, and he finally sees his moment to exact the revenge he has been plotting for so long.

    Elsewhere, Charlie is held captive by Amber and her mysterious British colleague who seems to have a vested interest in finding out what Charlie knows, by any means necessary.

    At the same time, Paige’s conviction that Lena’s letter is part of Mike’s cover up has Jakes worried that his housemate’s investigation has become a dangerous fixation.

    Meanwhile, Briggs rides south with Sid’s crew while Mike and the Deputy Director survey their movements. With a team ready to take down both Sid and the Solano cartel, it would seem that Mike’s all-consuming quest is finally coming to an end – that is, until news of Charlie’s disappearance sends Briggs running after his lady love.

    Now, with his targets on the precipice of slipping through his fingers once again, Mike makes a brash decision. Little does he realize that Sid has been on to them the whole time, and when the crooked LAPD officer enacts a bloody plan to turn the tables, Mike will see his own obsession twisted against him. And though Mike won’t give up on his goals so easily, with so many parties doggedly pursuing so many plans and no one willing to give an inch, someone is going to have to pay…

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    VIEW: Graceland > Season Two (2014) > Episodic Photography > 2.13 – Faith 7
    VIEW: Graceland > Season Two (2014) > Episode Screencaptures > 2.13 – Faith 7

    Graceland – “Echoes” Recap

    With no lies left between them, Briggs fights for he and Charlie’s future. But while Charlie won’t forgive him, she can’t seem to bring herself to turn in the father of her unborn child.

    At the same time, Mike has the end of the Solano operation in sight, but before they bust a ring of crooked cops and take down the cartel, there is still the matter of getting the pieces into place. So while Charlie hunts for Amber, who has been MIA since the bank heist, Johnny and Jakes prepare to run their drug drop. However, Johnny’s feelings for Lucia may muddle their plans.

    Elsewhere, a girl being held by immigration may hold the key to Paige’s investigation into Lena’s disappearance.

    Meanwhile, Mike gets antsy on the sidelines, but he soon finds his hands full with Sid Markham, who is bringing Mike up on charges in connection to the bank heist. And while Sid’s unexpected play only strengthens Mike’s resolve, the crooked LAPD officer still has a few tricks up his sleeve…

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    VIEW: Graceland > Season Two (2014) > Episode Screencaptures > 2.12 – Echoes

    Francesca Liberatore – Front Row – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

    Serinda Swan attends the Mara Hoffman runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 at The Salon at Lincoln Center in New York City.

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    VIEW: September 08 | Francesca Liberatore – Front Row – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

    ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 3 SPOILERS: ‘Graceland’ Star Serinda Swan To Woo Severide Away from Detective Lindsay? – Big casting news for Season 3 of “Chicago Fire”. It looks like in addition to Det. Halstead (Jesse Sofer) interfering with Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Det.Erin Lindsay’s (Sophia Bush) of “Chicago P.D.” romance, “Graceland” star Serinda Swan will also be adding some temptation to the mix.

    According to Deadline, Swan has signed on to recur in at least four episodes as Brittany Baker, a graphic design expert who may have a romance with Severide. Juicy!

    Though Graceland hasn’t been renewed for a third season it will most likely return. The season 2 finale of Graceland airs on September 10.

    Lindsay and Severide’s romance is already dealing with one love triangle. “As we’ve established on the show, he (Severide) is prone to going off on his own and having a few cocktails when things don’t go his way,” showrunner Matt Olmstead told TVLine. It “might cause a problem with him and Lindsay. The thing we like about him and Lindsay is they’re cut from the same cloth. They don’t judge each other. No one’s ragging on the other person for not being available. They’re really similar.”

    Chicago Fire” Season 3 will premiere on Sept. 23 at 10/9c on NBC.

    Chicago Fire Taps Graceland Beauty Serinda Swan to Romance – Looks like Lindsay has some competition for Severide’s heart.

    Chicago Fire has tapped Graceland star Serinda Swan to play the firefighter’s potential love interest, our sister site Deadline reports.

    Swan will appear in four episodes as Brittany Baker, a graphic designer.

    Executive producer Matt Olmstead told TVLine that while Severide and Chicago P.D.‘s Lindsay cross-show romance is going strong at the start of the season, “There are competing interests that might pull them apart.”

    Before her current series regular role on USA Network’s Graceland, Swan starred on A&E’s Breakout Kings. She has also appeared on The Tomorrow People and Smallville.

    Chicago Fire returns Tues, Sept. 23 at 10/9c on NBC.

    ‘Graceland': Serinda Swan talks sex trafficking, Mike and Paige’s relationship in Season 2 – It’s been a hard season for Paige Arkin on “Graceland.” The undercover DEA agent has been on a mission to bust up a sex trafficking ring embedded in the Solano cartel, while trying to manage a relationship with FBI agent and house heartthrob Mike Warren.

    Paige’s efforts will come to a head in tonight’s (Aug. 20) episode of “Graceland” — “The Head and the Pig.” We managed to get Serinda Swan, the actress portraying Paige, to open up to Zap2it about the episode and what’s coming up for her character in the rest of Season 2.

    Warning: spoilers ahead.

    Sex trafficking is a really personal issue for Swan, who spends a lot of her downtime when “Graceland” isn’t filming flying around the world to promote awareness for the millions of girls who are sold into sex slavery every year. In fact, when Swan speaks to us her voice is hoarse after two days of jumping out of airplanes for a charity event to cap off 10 days of fundraising for sex trafficking victims.

    “I was just so elated when [the writers] said were they not only going to be highlighting sex trafficking in the show but they were going to be putting it into my story in such a significant way,” Swan says.

    Paige’s main concern in this next episode will of course be getting all of the girls out of the compound where they are being kept and finding out the truth of what happened to Lena after Mike covered up her murder in the previous episode.

    “Paige doesn’t just do her job and then go home and forget about it. This is her life. She has fallen in love with these girls and sworn to protect them — Lena in particular is her Achilles heel,” Swan explains. ” We see her start to unravel Mike’s lies as they get deeper and deeper into it. When Paige goes into the building and sees the crematorium though, and sees that it’s recently been used, she knows in her gut that something is wrong.”

    The mystery behind Lena’s disappearance will continue to be a source of drama between Mike and Paige through the rest of the season as Mike tries harder and harder to convince Paige he doesn’t know anything about the girl’s disappearance.

    “At the the end of the day [Paige] wants to believe [Mike]. You can start to see this deconstruction of Paige as she tries to keep everything in tact. You see these moments in the next episodes as these two battle it out to see what is the truth,” Swan continues. “You definitely see a new side of Mike and a new side of Paige. She is not going to be like ‘OK Mike, you’re cute so I’m going to believe whatever you say.'”

    The tension between Mike and Paige will continue to build through to the season finale, which airs Sept. 10. “She keeps trying to dodge Mike’s lies and you see her world fall apart. I guarantee you no one can see the finale coming,” Swan reveals. “I didn’t see this coming and I’m immersed in the show six months out of the year.”

    “Graceland” airs Wednesdays on USA at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

    Graceland – “Home” Recap

    Someone has unearthed the truth about Juan Badillo’s murder, and Briggs thinks Sid Markham’s hand is the one on the shovel. With Charlie six weeks pregnant, Briggs has no intention of giving up his freedom without a fight, but the person he’s hunting for may be closer to home than he realizes.

    At the same time, the agents of Graceland sit down under the same roof for their old tradition of sauce night. But while the weary housemates are looking forward to putting work aside for an evening, the simmering resentments that have built up between them soon boil over, and it isn’t long until the members of this one-time family are at each other’s throats.

    Meanwhile, when Briggs’s machinations throw off Charlie and Amber’s carefully planned bank heist, the team’s only choice is to put aside their differences and pull the job themselves. But while the wary agents pledge to work towards the common goal, their personal agendas could wind up tearing them apart.

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    VIEW: Season Two (2014) > Episode Screencaptures > 2.11 – Home

    Graceland – “Head of the Pig” Recap

    Johnny and Jakes set up a trial run to demonstrate the effectiveness of their delivery system to Carlos Solano, but when their live test doesn’t go according to plan, Johnny must watch his back as he tries to convince the cartel leader to give them a second chance.

    Back in Sylmar, Mike seems to be running on fumes, and Paige starts to suspect that Mike may know more about Lena’s disappearance than he is letting on. Worried that Mike may be so obsessed with the case that he’d cover up a murder, Paige and Briggs hatch a plan to use Sid Markham to shut down the sex trafficking operation.

    At the same time, Charlie and Amber prepare for their upcoming heist, but the undercover agent has something else on her mind that will prove life changing for her and Briggs.

    Meanwhile, with a few well-placed words about FBI surveillance and Solano moles, it isn’t long before Paige and Briggs have Sid on the hook and ready to take down Sulla’s safe house. All that’s left is to get Mike out of the way, but the bedraggled agent soon reads between the lines, and he’ll do anything to keep his op viable – even rush into a certain bloodbath…

    Gallery Link:
    VIEW: Graceland > Season Two (2014) > Episodic Photography > 2.10 – Head of the Pig
    VIEW: Graceland > Season Two (2014) > Episodic Photography > 2.10 – The Head of the Pig

    Graceland – “Gratis” Recap

    Johnny arrives at the Solano homestead in Mexico, and as if being undercover in the family compound of a notorious drug cartel isn’t bad enough, he must prepare to pitch the FBI’s smuggling plan to the Solano patriarch while dealing with his growing feelings for Lucia and fending off the advances of a clearly smitten Carlito. And when the unstable Solano scion’s suspicions are aroused, it puts Johnny in a dangerous position a very long way from home.

    Elsewhere, Charlie gets closer to Amber, but problems arise when the undercover agent learns that Amber’s wheelman is a criminal from a past case who won’t be happy to see her.

    Meanwhile, Mike does his best to protect the girls from inside the sex trafficker’s boarding house, but Sulla rules his roost like a brutal emperor lording over his personal harem, and when he objects to an outsider telling him how he can treat his possessions it leads to a shocking act of violence.

    Gallery Link:
    VIEW: Graceland > Season Two (2014) > Episode Screencaptures > 2.09 – Gratis

    Graceland – “The Ends” Recap

    Briggs continues to get close to Sid Markham as an angle on Solano, but the longer he works with the shady detective the more it becomes clear that Markham isn’t the stock villain they’ve painted him to be. At the same time, Charlie meets Amber, a heist-planning genius who will be the perfect person to help her rob the bank holding Sid’s money. But in order to earn Amber’s trust, Charlie is going to have to get her hands dirty.

    Briggs and Charlie aren’t the only ones going to questionable lengths to take down the Solanos. With the buses shut down, it’s only a matter of time until someone helps the Solano cartel find a new way to move contraband. And Mike wants to be that someone, which means Johnny will have to convince Lucia to return to her family in Mexico, despite her reluctance to do so and his growing feelings for her.

    At the same time, Paige takes a hardline stance on the sex traffickers with Mike and Jakes.

    Meanwhile, when Briggs gets a call from a suicidal Kelly Badillo, Sid’s suspicions threaten to blow his cover.

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    VIEW: Graceland: Screen Captures > Season Two: Screencaps (2014) > 2.08 – The Ends

    Graceland Episode 2.10 Stills Added

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