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  • Graceland – “Gratis” Recap

    Johnny arrives at the Solano homestead in Mexico, and as if being undercover in the family compound of a notorious drug cartel isn’t bad enough, he must prepare to pitch the FBI’s smuggling plan to the Solano patriarch while dealing with his growing feelings for Lucia and fending off the advances of a clearly smitten Carlito. And when the unstable Solano scion’s suspicions are aroused, it puts Johnny in a dangerous position a very long way from home.

    Elsewhere, Charlie gets closer to Amber, but problems arise when the undercover agent learns that Amber’s wheelman is a criminal from a past case who won’t be happy to see her.

    Meanwhile, Mike does his best to protect the girls from inside the sex trafficker’s boarding house, but Sulla rules his roost like a brutal emperor lording over his personal harem, and when he objects to an outsider telling him how he can treat his possessions it leads to a shocking act of violence.

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    Graceland – “The Ends” Recap

    Briggs continues to get close to Sid Markham as an angle on Solano, but the longer he works with the shady detective the more it becomes clear that Markham isn’t the stock villain they’ve painted him to be. At the same time, Charlie meets Amber, a heist-planning genius who will be the perfect person to help her rob the bank holding Sid’s money. But in order to earn Amber’s trust, Charlie is going to have to get her hands dirty.

    Briggs and Charlie aren’t the only ones going to questionable lengths to take down the Solanos. With the buses shut down, it’s only a matter of time until someone helps the Solano cartel find a new way to move contraband. And Mike wants to be that someone, which means Johnny will have to convince Lucia to return to her family in Mexico, despite her reluctance to do so and his growing feelings for her.

    At the same time, Paige takes a hardline stance on the sex traffickers with Mike and Jakes.

    Meanwhile, when Briggs gets a call from a suicidal Kelly Badillo, Sid’s suspicions threaten to blow his cover.

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    Graceland Episode 2.10 Stills Added

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    VIEW: Graceland: Episode Stills > Season Two: Stills (2014) > 2.10 – The Head of the Pig

    Serinda Swan’s “Graceland” performance earns rave reviews – Serinda Swan has been making a name for herself in Hollywood as one of the more talented actresses on television in 2014 and this assessment has received further support from TVLine which recently selected her “Performer of the Week” for her role as DEA Agent Paige Arkin on the popular USA Network series “Graceland”.

    The actress in this particular scene deals with the issue of human trafficking and in her sensational performance Serinda Swan was able to communicate her character’s disgust for the business of human trafficking as a DEA Agent but also was fantastic is showing the fear that accompanies being in the position of a potential prostitute or worse ‘dead’.

    Her performance was in the view of TVLine exceptionally ‘real’ and even though it is an issue of which she is a tireless advocate off camera that in no way minimizes her exceptional performance.

    The Canadian beauty became known to many US viewers from her role in “Breakout Kings” as Erica Reed at which time her performance announced her as an actress to keep an eye on and sure enough, shortly after the end of that series she was ‘booked’ for “Graceland” and she is now an actress that men and women cannot see enough on the show.

    Her “Graceland” performances have made her an actress that fans expect will soon be viewed on the movie screens in a leading role and they are correct. Later on in 2014 she will be be seen as the leading lady in the movie “Jinn” in the UK and also in the movie “Sister” in the United States.

    If Serinda Swan as DEA Agent, Paige Arkin on Graceland she continues providing performances such as that which she provided in the episode “The Unlucky One” it is very likely that she is going to have the top filmmakers in Hollywood knocking on her door with offers of her to play a leading lady role in their films, a role for which she seems very ready.

    Graceland – “Los Malos” Recap

    Dead certain that LAPD Gang Task Force leader Sid Markham is Carlito’s contact in the police department, Mike pays the dirty detective a courtesy call to let him know that he’s in his sights.

    But despite Mike’s threat, taking Markham down won’t just be easy. So while Briggs goes undercover with the LAPD in order to work his way into Markham’s inner circle, Mike and Charlie trace Markham’s cash flow for a link to Solano.

    Elsewhere, Johnny looks in on Lucia in the hopes of getting a lead on Carlito, but two thugs waiting on a cache of guns turn the visit into a hostage situation. At the same time, Paige fumes over Mike’s decision to allow the sex trafficking ring to keep operating. But while she can’t shut them down, Paige refuses to sit idly by while they continue to do business.

    Meanwhile, Briggs tries to ingratiate himself with Markham’s team, but the street-wise detective is both crafty and cautious when it comes to outsiders. The only way for Briggs to get close will be to prove himself on the job, but in order to do so, he may have to put himself in the line of fire…

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    VIEW: Graceland: Screen Captures > Season Two: Screencaps (2014) > 2.07 – Los Malos

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

    Serinda attended some of the fashion week shows all last week and I have added the photos in the gallery. She looks so pretty so be sure to check them out.

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    TVLine’s Performer of the Week: Graceland’s Serinda Swan

    TVLine.comA weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars

    THE PERFORMER | Serinda Swan

    THE SHOW | Graceland

    THE EPISODE | “The Unlucky One”

    THE AIRDATE | July 23, 2014

    THE PERFORMANCE | DEA Agent Paige Arkin never could have imagined her latest take-down would play out as it did. Aiming to end a ring of drug muling/human sex trafficking, Paige’s No. 1 lead died in her arms, prompting the mission-focused Fed to take the young girl’s place. That impetuous decision, however, delivered Paige into a dingy den of inequity, where girls are thoughtlessly sold off to less-than-genteel gents. As Paige endured her dilemma, Swan reflected both her character’s abhorrence for the commerce she’d become a part of as well as her fear of what awaited not just her, but the victims alongside her.

    Yes, Mike “saved the day” by arriving undercover to purchase the one known as “Anica,” but for Paige that skirted the larger, loathsome problem. She was apoplectic that the grander, cartel-crushing endgame prevented them from shutting down the traffic ring there and then. Once back at Graceland, Swan used silent moments to register the utter helplessness that even the mightiest lawman can feel.

    That human trafficking is a scourge Swan, off camera, tirelessly endeavors to combat only deepened the resolve in her performance.

    Graceland – “The Unlucky One” Recap

    The Solano case has officially come to a fiery end, and while Jessica prepares to return to DC for a victory lap, Mike keeps a dark secret – he’s holding Laurence in custody, hoping for anything that can point him in the direction of the leak that sabotaged the bust. But while he knows Laurence has the answers he needs, he’s not quite sure how to get them from him.

    Elsewhere, Paige infiltrates the sex trafficking ring’s brutal holding facility and spots a familiar face. Little does she realize that Jakes has been arrested for violating his restraining order, and that she’s flying solo.

    Meanwhile, when Jakes calls to be bailed out of prison, and it isn’t long until the rest of the house has pieced together Paige’s plight. But with little to go on, the odds of finding Paige look grim, forcing Mike to turn to Briggs with a last resort – Laurence. Now, in order to get the information they want, Mike may have to come down off the fence he’s been walking and do some very bad things. The question is, just how far is Mike willing to go to save Paige? And when opportunity presents itself, what is he willing to give up in order to breath fresh life into the Solano case?

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    Graceland – “H-A-Double-P-Y” Recap

    Mike’s plans are upended when Jessica arrives at Graceland unannounced to drop a bomb – the case is being shut down at the end of the week. The next Solano bus to come in will effectively be their last, which means that all resources, even those from Paige’s sex trafficking operation, will be diverted towards making a bust. With only two days until the next bus arrives, Mike must scramble to prep for the takedown, while also dealing with the tangled romantic web he’s woven for himself.

    Mike isn’t the only one dealing with an awkward situation. Johnny worries he’s blown his cover when he steps between the young Solanos during a family spat – until it becomes clear that the closeted Carlito has feelings for the undercover agent. The question is, how far outside his comfort zone is Johnny willing to go in order to connect Carlito to the buses?

    Elsewhere, Jakes makes a connection with a kindred spirit, and gets a big surprise when his son, Daniel, shows up at his door. Meanwhile, Paige is doubly stung when she learns that not only is there another woman in Mike’s life, she’s also the one who just put the “Tinkerbell” case on ice. But Paige is too invested to back off now, and she’s willing to sacrifice anything to make her case – even her relationship with Mike.

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    Graceland Episode 2.06 Still Added

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    Serinda Swan gives us a sneak peek of what’s in store this season on ‘Graceland’ - With Paige and Mike’s new romance blooming and Paige’s determination to find out what is happening to those “tinker bells,” we’re seeing a lot more of Paige Arkin in season 2 of Graceland. Serinda Swan gave us the inside scoop on season 2, and talked about her charity work to combat human trafficking in Cambodia.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COMMUNITY: First things first: Paige and Mike. They’re definitely together this season, but it’s still very new. Is it a fling? Something more?
    SERINDA SWAN: We’re figuring that out as we go. Definitely the sparks were there in the first season, but in episode 2 of the second season, Paige is like “Shabam! Let’s do this.” I remember reading the script going, Oh, she walks by in a towel—a little suspect. She walks into her room and doesn’t close the door, a little more suspect … and the towel is on the floor.

    I read it and was excited for Paige, but then I was like, Wait that’s me. I have to do that. And then my hands went all sweaty. When I had to do the first kissing scene with Aaron, I was super-nervous. I haven’t had to do that many kissing scenes. It’s different when I’m in power as me—I’m like, “This is the moment, I want to kiss you.” But when it’s on camera, it’s an action. You have to kiss him now and at this angle because the lighting is coming from there and there are 45 other people in the room. It’s the weirdest thing ever.

    Aaron said he wasn’t nervous. He just seemed like a pro. There’s a certain safety aspect with our job when everyone is being very professional. It’s something that is very specific to our job and awkward and bizarre.

    We keep joking that [the towel dropping] was my sweaty hand moment, and there are many more sweaty hand moments to come in season 2. It wouldn’t be Graceland and it wouldn’t be Jeff Eastin without a little conflict and some twists and turns. There’s definitely a road ahead for Paige and Mike, and it could be smooth sailing or it could be the bumpiest road ever.

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    Graceland – “Magic Numbers” Recap

    Hoping to bolster his bus case with hard evidence, Mike tasks Jakes with taking a job as a depot mechanic. The self-destructive agent’s drinking nearly scotches the plan, but when the depot manager shows himself to be a sympathetic spirit, Jakes finds a way to use the wreckage of his life to their advantage.

    Back in DC, Jessica sticks her neck out to save Mike’s op. At the same time, a bust at a brothel convinces Paige that the “Tinkerbells” are being used as more than drug mules, while Johnny dodges danger during a drug-fueled night of clubbing with Carlos Solano Jr.’s inner circle.

    Meanwhile, the revelation that the FBI won’t release death benefits to Kelly Badillo leaves Briggs and Charlie racked with even more guilt. But while Briggs is resigned to the situation, Charlie is dead set on fixing it. And when she comes across a small time criminal with a big time amount of heroin to move, she sees the answer to their problem…one that could wind up putting their own heads on the chopping block.

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